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expatseek supports the ICBL, the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. It is estimated that landmines kill around 20,000 people a year, with many thousands more injured and maimed. There is thought to be some 110 million active mines across more than seventy countries around the world, with a hundred million more stockpiled. Every twenty minutes, someone is injured by a landmine. Some forty percent of those involved in a landmine accident die, with most of the rest maimed in some way.

But possibly the most frightening statistic of all is that while around one hundred thousand landmines are recovered and removed every year, with the help of the likes of the good people at the ICBL, two million landmines are planted. Demining efforts, then, are significantly undermined by those who go about planting new mines.

Many landmine incidents occur in areas that have not seen conflict for decades, disproportionately affecting women and children civilians, going about their lives during times of what they thought were peace. expatseek supports the ICBL and its efforts to make daily activities like walking to school and playing football safe for kids. The International Campaign to Ban Landmines (a 1997 Nobel Peace Prize co-Laureate) works tirelessly to help save lives and communities from the scourge of landmines. Visit their site to get an idea of the work they are doing and donate. http://www.icbl.org/

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